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It was my mother-in-laws birthday, so we went with a friend to the park and took pictures.  I don't have any of the pictures that my friend took yet, but I will post those up when I get them.  The family picture of us is so CUTE!!  Anyways, here are the pictures on my camera from last friday.

The picture above is Eliza on the left and my friends daughter, Emma.  We were trying to get a cute picture of them together since my friend is such good friends with my mother-in-law.  Getting two toddlers to look at the camera at the same time is next to impossible.
Don't you just love that cheesy grin?!

Surgery Update:  Last Wednesday Eliza had her 3 week post-surgery check up.  She is healing well, and will be back in a couple more weeks to be checked again and a day to remove the stitches will be scheduled at that time.


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