Since this is my first post, I'll have to sum up a lot that is happening in my life.

I have been hapily married to my husband for 5 years at the end of the summer.  We have a darling little girl who recently turned 1 on April 13!  She is so sweet. 

Most of the time I can't understand what she is saying, but when she is in my arms or on my lap throwing a tantrum, what she says is usually really clear.  The other day she said "mama" as clear as any adult talks, and then another time she said "mama, no."  She is just a bundle of energy and joy!  I can't imagine not having her with us. 

Before she came, we had been trying to grow our family for 2 1/2 years and had 2 losses along the way.  Through everything we did and seeing a dr., we did eventually keep a pregnancy, and now have our BEAUTIFUL daughter.  Her name is Eliza. 

My husband likes to say we naimed her after an ancestor on his side who had the name, but the honest truth is that we (mostly I) chose the name before I even knew about the relative and it was only brought up after we told the family the name.  I had been searching thru names in books an online and giving it a lot of thought, when the name just came to me.  I felt like that was what she should be called, and it fit.  We didn't say we were going to use the name for certain until after she was born, because I wanted to make certain that the name fit.  After she was born, I just knew that she was my Eliza. 

We gave her a middle name, and that name was after my grandmother that died from cancer.  Her name was Dorothy Jean Searl Koyle.  So my baby girl is my Eliza Dorothy.  I grandmother was the glue in her family, after her passing the family stopped doing holiday parties and getting together much.  We have gotten together for weddings and an occational holiday that was organized by my aunt Kathry or my Mom, but my Mom didn't want to do it every time so nothing much became of it.

A couple months before my due date with Eliza, we started looking at houses, and purchased our first home little over a month before she was born.  We only moved a 1/2 hour north from where we were, so I kept the same dr for the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery.

I now have selected a new dr. to help us maximize our chances of growing our family again.  I should be getting my lab results later today to see where things are at and then we will firm up a game plan.  I was quite worried that since we hadn't been trying for at least 6 months the dr would say to wait, but he didn't.  I think it was mostly becuase of my history and my concerns and being active in seeking help early on this time. 

During the whole time we were trying to grow our family, both of us were doing school full time.  I was at BYU and my husband was at UVU (called UVSC at the time.)  He graduated April of '07 with a bahelors in physics, and I graduated in August of '07 with a bachelors in mechanical engineering.  I am currently working full time, and Joe is currently looking for work.  He hasn't had the best luck in holding a job this last year, so it has been a good thing I have a stable full time job.

I will add pictures later.